DAPHNE LEE


My name is Daphne and when I was fifteen, my dad passed away and that left me to change the course of my career.  Instead of furthering my studies to be a lawyer, I had to find something to do in order to help out with the family, so I went for my next option as I have always wanted to travel the world.  

I was nineteen then and could not wait to see the world, so when the airline was hiring flight attendants, naturally I applied to be a flight attendant. I was chosen to be one of the many applicants. The training was long and intensive. It range from inflight service to first aid, safety emergency procedures on how to evacuate a full plane load of passengers in 90 seconds in an emergency and how to deliver a baby on board.  I finally earned my wings to fly….

Yes! I travelled the world:  

  • What no one told me  was there will be many times I would choose sleep and in-room dining over the museums and parks because my whole body would just be so exhausted. 
  • No one told me that I would always be the last to meet the family’s new nieces and nephews.
  • No one told me that a Flight Attendant doesn’t have weekends, her time is not her own. She is always but a fleeting visitor wherever she goes.

Fast forward to the time when I have to clip my wings and leave the ‘lifestyle’ that I have got so accustomed to…to join my family in Australia.

On returning home, I found myself in a Hospitality Industry in an about to open entertainment resort hotel as a pre-opening team. The hotel industry though similar to the airline industry in that it is a customer service focused industry except that there is no fancy hotel rooms and breakfasts buffets.

After several years back home, I went overseas once again for two pre-opening projects. While I enjoyed the perks as an expatriate, work was challenging as I would oversee a large department of over 200+ team members from all walks of life and diverse background.

As a department head I have budgets and targets to meet amongst countless deadlines and meetings day in and day out. After ten long years, I found myself in a career where I was making a living but was not fulfilled and that was when I decided to throw in the towel and to return home once again.

On returning home, I decided to take a break and did some soul searching on my purpose and where my next path would take me.

Up until this moment, I never knew the digital economy existed and that it is the new way to earn an income while working from home.

I decided to acquire the skills and retrain myself by signing up for workshops!

I then realised that I kept on failing because I was trying to do it alone!

Until I was introduced to a community where we support each other on our journeys.

As others have helped me so my mission now is to help others to seek new opportunities!

Free Workshops that….

Introduce you to ways that you can earn money online