Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Marketing

If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, Then Your Business Will Be Out Of Business ~ Bill Gates ~

New and old businesses alike, are trying to increase profits by using online marketing to increase sales, while hoping to raise brand awareness.

While online marketing has its advantages, there are also some disadvantages too. Let’s look at both the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing.

Advantages of Online Marketing

It Can Be A Lower Cost Promotion Strategy.
While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are an option, it is certainly possible to promote your website, business, and offers online without spending a penny. It will take time and effort, but it is possible.

You Can Reach A Global Market.
With online marketing, you are not stuck in your own neighbourhood. A wider audience may give you a greater chance of running a successful business.

Reach Your Target Audience Quickly And Easily.
Paid advertisements are an option, and your results can be immediate. With time and an optimised website, you can reach new prospects continuously with ranking at the top of the search engines.

Prompt Payment Collection.
If you enable e-commerce on your website, you’ll be able to collect payments from your customers quickly and easily.

Market Your Offers 24/7.
If you’ve created a website or established a social media presence, the business is available at all times, even when you sleep or when you are on vacation. It won’t close like a physical store would.

Trackable, Measurable Results.
You can sign up for analytics tools that allow you to track your campaigns, so you can see how effective they’ve been. For each online ad, you can track both the number of clicks sent to your website and the number of sales acquired too.

Build Customer Loyalty.
You can build trust when you engage with your online audience on social media or your website, by answering their questions on your offer and this will lead to increase in sales.

Build Your Influence Or Social Currency.
When you share content online that resonates with your audience, they are likely to share it. With each share, you increase the reach for your campaign, which then increases your audience and potential customers.

Better Conversion Rates.
With a website, you are only a click or two away from making a sale. Offline, a customer would have to make a phone call or physically go to a store to purchase.

So, as you can see, online marketing is generally easier, quicker, and more efficient than offline marketing. Plus, you can advertise online for free.

Disadvantages of Online Marketing
It Can Be Time-Consuming.
Creating content and optimising your website to rank higher can take time. It’s important to measure your results to ensure a profitable return on investment (ROI).

Potentially Lots Of Competition.
Depending on your niche, if you want to reach a global audience, you’re going to meet a lot of competition from those trying to do the same. What can you do to stand out from your competitors?

Customer Complaints And Feedback Are Visible.
Even if a customer issue has been resolved, the customer complaint will likely stay visible online forever. If you fail to resolve these issues, then your brand reputation can be damaged irreparably.

Security And Privacy Issues.
If you are collecting data from your users, perhaps from an email list, then it’s important to comply with any laws regarding privacy and data protection.

Online marketing can be lucrative if done effectively. However, if you don’t use effective techniques, then you may not see the return on investment that you hope for.

This is so true, that when you are marketing online you must use effective techniques to have a good return for your investment.  This leads me to you…

On returning home from my overseas assignments, I decided to take a break and did some soul searching on my purpose and where my next path would take me.

I knew the digital economy is the new way to earn an income while working from home.  I realised that we are now living in the digital economy,  so I decided to invest in myself by learning a new skill.

Learning a new skill requires determination and  commitment and I can tell you now that is the best investment I have made.

Now I can work in the comfort of my own home and I do not have to wake up to an alarm clock, get dressed and commute through the horrendous traffic to and from work. It is so flexible on my time!

I need to tell you that I did face challenges while learning a new skill. I questioned myself if I could do this, but with determination, I soldiered on and quashed my doubts on starting my own online business.

What I found that was where the biggest growth happens.  There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing programs out there on the internet and you need to do your research to see which path you want to follow. 

I chose a digital education company who have been teaching people how to start their own online business from scratch and they have been doing this for over a decade. They are focused and dedicated to help you on your journey but the success of your business does depend on you, your mindset and dedication.

This brings me to you…… I found a free video workshop series of shared ideas on how to break this cycle of just working and start living.

What I uncovered is a whole new life, right in front of us, we could not see it.

I started an online business from scratch with no experience, scary…YES – rewarding (worth it)..100%.

And now that is my hope for you, even if you watch the video series and if you are happy with where you are, amazing… you confirm that feeling, or you might uncover a passion to start a franchise or own a traditional biz, it really does not matter, as long as you are willing to do what most people are not.

I have included a form on the right hand sidebar so you can enter your name and email address, and I will send the same video series which got me started directly to your inbox or if you prefer to access tutorials here

I have also included my personal email address here [] and I want you to know that you can reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Regardless, in today’s world, having an online presence is incredibly important.

It’s up to you to make it work for your business.

You need to figure out your why! and don’t let life pass you by.
I look forward to talking to you soon.

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Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing

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