Be The Leader You Wish You Had

Be The Leader You Wish You Had


What Kind Of Leader Do You Want To Be?

Watch the video as Simon shares his views on leadership.

What does it mean to be a great parent?
I don’t have five things to be a great parent right,  it’s a lifestyle and it comes number one with the commitment that I am responsible for the life of another human being, the growth of another human being.  The closest thing to leadership is parenting,  you have to be an infinite student of parenting.

You want to be a parent so you ask your friends, you ask your  parents. You join groups or read magazines and watch talks, whatever it is you’re constantly consuming how to deal with this constantly changing challenge of being a parent, and it’s ups and downs, successes and failures.

Leadership is the same, leaders are students of leadership no matter how achieved they may be, they’re still learning and it’s a lifestyle.  It’s the lifestyle of what I do to look after people which includes things like listening, learning how to give and receive feedback,  learning how to have effective confrontations how to discipline when necessary in a way that’s constructive.

If we commit ourselves to a just cause and we’re willing to to do those things, then you know the  great thing is we take a lot of people with us and change the world for the better.

Isn’t that sort of the point of an infinite life, to leave this world in better shape than we found it, to leave the companies that we work for in better shape than when we started, to leave our families stronger and better capable, than what they can do without us.

Isn’t that what it means to live an infinite life,  that we can literally live on beyond our own lives. When people have that,  they take that mantle on and they have the ecosystem around them that gives them that powerful support they need to really be courageous.

Don’t…don’t try and influence that which you cannot influence, don’t control that which you cannot control.

You know an infinite mindset means that it is something I can’t do but I can influence, and take care of the people to the left and to the right of me. I can take care of the people who work for me, I can even take care of the person I work for.

Any of us can volunteer to be a leader, and that’s what you do you.  Commit yourself to seeing that the people with whom we work on a daily basis, love coming to work.

They feel that someone’s got their back, they feel supported, they feel that they have top cover. They feel someone cares about them as a human being,  listens to them knows their story, allows them to be themselves.

We can be that leader, and what you start to see is those teams becomes really high performing. Those teams become super tight, and you start to hear rumours across the company because everybody wants into that team, because apparently it’s a great team to work with and to work on.

Before you know it, one of those people moves to another team, and they take everything that they have learned, and they do it for another team.  If we take that infinite mindset, then eventually the tail will wag the dog.  It doesn’t matter if it’s this CEO or another CEO, because we will outlast whoever is in charge right now, and that’s the goal.

We’re doing this for the good of the organisation.  We’re doing this for the good of the cause, and the tail can wag the dog.

I love that I think you’ve got your finger on something so important right now, and I can feel this shift.

I can feel that there’s a shift happening, but they need the words to understand it, and I feel like your book delivers that.

To me it was when you were explaining, that the breakthrough moment for you was when you read about infinite games, and suddenly you had the lexicon with which to conceptualise all this. 

I feel like what your book is delivering on is giving people the the framework with which to understand.

I can’t remember where I saw this, but there was something that said, there’s this colour, a shade of blue that’s been lost forever, not because it doesn’t exist in wave forms of light, but because we don’t have a word for it.  We can’t conceptualise it and thus our brain just shunts it off into one of the colours that we do have a name for.

I thought that’s so powerful,  so true and so accurate to the way that the brain works and reading the book,  that’s what this felt like, it was like now, people are going to be able to talk about it in a way that’s going to let them conceptualise what a company culture can be.

The way the company can be driven by something bigger than the profits. It gives them that organising principle, that’s so incredibly powerful.

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