Stop Trading Your Time For Money

Do You Want To Be Wealthy? Stop Trading Your Time for Money

Trading time for money has got to be the worst way to make a living.

Time is finite, so when you trade time for money, you cap your income.

Many of us were taught to do well in school, get a great job, work hard, and you’ll eventually make a lot of money.

This may be true, but there is a great limitation to working for someone else.

There are only so many hours in a week. No one can buy or create more.

Even doctors suffer from this limitation. The average doctor  makes a large salary, but there aren’t many that make a million dollars a year.

Even a physician is swapping his/her time for money. He/she only gets paid while he/she is seeing patients. He can’t see more than one at a time and he can’t see them while he’s asleep. The clock ultimately limits his income.

This is also true for consultants, dentists, lawyers, and CEOs.

If you want the opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money, it’s important to find ways to earn without your presence being necessary.

Free yourself from the clock and your ability to earn is unlimited.

There are better ways:

1. Get Paid More Than Once For The Same Work.

  • Think about artists, authors, and musicians. In their respective businesses, they’re able to get paid repeatedly for the same work.
  • An author can write a book and then sell a million copies over the next 10 years.
    During that time, she may have written 20 more books.

What could be better than getting paid multiple times for the same work?
What are some other businesses that can utilise this same strategy?

2. Do Something That Allows You To Receive Recurring Payments.

  • Leasing office space or other real estate to others keeps money coming in while you do other things.
  • Building a website and leasing it is a similar strategy.

3. Be An Investor.

  • The great thing about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and similar investments is the ability to make money with little work on your part.
  • You’re essentially making money while you sleep. You could also loan money to others.

4. Outsource / Arbitrage.

  • Many people set up businesses and then outsource all the work. This is especially true online.
  • There are people that sell website building services. These same people then hire someone else at a reduced rate to do all the work.
  • Ghostwriters write many of the e-books sold on sites like The listed author paid someone else to write the book.
  • If you can successfully buy something for $X and sell it for $X+Y, you can potentially make money with little work.
  • Can you think of ways to make money from the work of others?

5. Create Passive Income.

  • A website that sells an affiliate product can make money while you sleep and is a form of passive income. It’s not difficult to build a website that makes a mere $5/day, but keep in mind that’s over $1,800/yr.
  • Make a list of other ways you can make money passively.
  • Time is limitation for all of us. So far, no one has lived forever. But time doesn’t have to limit your income.
  • Doctors, lawyers, and CEOs are paid well, but you have great financial potential if you can break free from swapping your time for money.

Uncertainty stops many people…..
Until 2019, I was a Hospitality Management professional with global experience within the gaming and hospitality industry in Asia and Australia.

I oversee a large department of over 200+ team members from all walks of life and cultural background.
I was slogging long hours each day and clocking around 70 hours per week and have to commute daily through horrendous traffic to and from work with un-fulfilment and frustration, to a job that I don’t even have any passion for.

I was trading my time for money to pay bills and fulfilling someone else’s goals…. doesn’t this sound crazy???

By the time I got home in the evening, I no longer have any energy left to do the things I wanted to do.
Over time this took a toll on me and I began to think if this is what life is all about.  That is when I knew that I have reached a time in life where I needed to get out.

I turned to the internet and started looking for different ways to earn an income.

I came across this online business module that really helped me to transition from being unhappy and unfulfilled into finding the right online business idea that allowed me to create the life of freedom that I want to live in.  

At first I was extremely skeptical, but I kept an open mind and decided to watch the videos.  And I am so glad I did.

It opened up a whole new world of possibility to making a living online and completely changed my life for the better.

Inside the workshop, my mentor showed me the different online business models you can start from scratch.

None of them required any employees or overhead that you would expect at your current job.

He also showed me, step by step, how to build your first website with user friendly technology where you can just simply click and drag.

After implementing what I learned, I now have my own online business that runs 24/7, 365 days a year.

I now have more freedom to do the things that I love… going on vacation while my business is still running on auto pilot.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work involved at the beginning to set up my online business.

Where are you right now in your life’s journey?
Are you in the middle of your career and is it possible even for one moment to reset where you are, to find contentment and that joy.

Do you want to move away from this struggle and live each moment in life with fulfilment?

Get started today and build an income stream that isn’t dependent on your time or presence. You’ll enjoy getting paid while you’re not at work!

I have included a form on the right hand sidebar so you can enter your name and email address, and I will send the same video series which got me started directly to your inbox or if you prefer to access tutorials here

I have also included my personal email address here [] and I want you to know that you can reach out to me with any questions you may have.

You need to figure out your why! and don’t let life pass you by. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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Stop Trading Your Time For Money

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