Five Steps To Develop A Wealth Mindset

Five Steps To Develop A Wealth Mindset

Are we programmed for wealth or do we need to do some reprogramming?
It is true that many of us have a very dysfunctional relationship with money. It all stems from our money mindset.
Subconscious beliefs that we have picked this up as a child, or we’ve learnt along the way.
Holding these beliefs can be detrimental to our financial success.
There are many ways to improve your money mindset.

Doing so will ensure that your financial situation is always improving, and developing a wealth mindset will ensure that you can build your wealth.

To help maintain your new wealth mindset, each week, re-examine your beliefs, attitudes, and actions regarding your money situations and repeat this process for any slips back to your old and  ineffective mindset.

Improving your mindset is the first step to increasing your wealth.

You mindset ultimately determines the opportunities that you will recognise and create, and your ability to capitalise on them. Get started today and watch your wealth soar.

How can you develop such a mindset?
Follow this strategy:

1. Examine your current mindset.
• How do you view money and wealth? Do you think and feel only positive things when you think  about wealth?
• Ask yourself what needs to change about your beliefs and if you’re going to give yourself the opportunity to become wealthy.

2. Develop A New Set Of Beliefs.
Make a list of the new beliefs that you will need to become wealthy. A few suggestions to consider:
• I will routinely look for opportunities to make money.
• I will not spend money on unnecessary things that don’t provide real value to my life.
• I can generate all the wealth I could possibly want.

3. Daily Visualisation
One good way to make your new beliefs habitual is daily visualisation.
• Every morning upon waking but still lying in bed, imagine approaching the world with these new beliefs.
• Repeat this at night before you fall asleep.

4. Reflect On Past Mistakes
• It can be helpful to revisit the financial mistakes you’ve made and the opportunities you’ve missed, but this time, change your history to see yourself in the same situations but acting with your new beliefs.
• What would you have changed about your approach and your thought process?

5. Evaluate Yourself.
• At the end of the day, look at your thoughts for the day.
• What would you have done differently if you were in your “wealth mindset” mode?
• What are the changes needed but just as important, you need to evaluate on what you did well.
• Congratulate yourself when you’ve made progress.

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Five Steps To Develop A Wealth Mindset

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