How Does the Law of Cause and Effect Really Impact Your Life?

How Does the Law of Cause and Effect Really Impact Your Life?

There is one law in the universe that works very reliably: The Law of Cause and Effect.

If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the results that other successful people get. ~ Brian Tracy

Many self-help gurus believe your thoughts alone are sufficient to bring about meaningful change in your life.
Some even believe the universe can deliver your wishes to your front door if you merely ask. Maybe this is true, maybe not.
But there is one law in the universe that works very reliably: the Law of Cause and Effect. This idea is easy to prove.

If you drop something heavy over your foot, it will hurt your foot.
If you follow the directions accurately to make a cake, you will the receive a cake.

The Law of Cause and Effect may be the most universal law of all.

How The Law of Cause and Effect Can Help You:

1. Your Actions Are Ultimately The Controlling Factors.
All you have to do is take the appropriate actions and you’ll get the results you desire. Thoughts can dictate your actions, but the power of your thoughts is only seen when you take action.

2. Success And Failure Aren’t Personal.
If you bake a cake, the cake turns out the same, regardless of your skin colour or religion. Mixing the right ingredients in the right amounts and baking at the right temperature are the factors that matter.

3. You Are Not Doomed To Be A Failure At Anything.
If you follow the recipe for any endeavour in life, you’ll be successful.

4. Most Outcomes Are Quite Logical.
Over time, you reap what you sow. If you are kind to people, you can expect that most people will be kind to you. Mistreating people on a regular basis yields different results.

It does not matter if you believe the universe is out to punish you. The outcome from your actions will still be the same.

All of this suggests that thoughts aren’t relevant. However, that’s not exactly true. While you can successfully bake a cake while holding thoughts that your cake will never bake properly, you won’t try, if your thoughts are too negative.

Having the appropriate thoughts makes the appropriate actions possible.

Negative thoughts can be a blocker to taking advantage of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Making the Law of Cause and Effect work for you:

1. Understand The Cause and Effect Relationships in Your Area of Interest.
What actions are most likely to lead to the results you desire? Do some research and be certain. Find the those who are knowledgeable in your area and ask questions.

2. Take Appropriate Actions.
Remind yourself that if you take proper action, your results are guaranteed. Monitor your thoughts and ensure they’re not holding you back.

3. Keep Going.
Consistently taking the actions that have led others to success will carry you to the same destination. Expect that success will take time. Trust that your actions will be enough. Perseverance is powerful.

Even if success has eluded you in the past, you can rely on the law of cause and effect to hold true. Focus on taking the actions that lead to your desired outcome. Remember, no one has ever followed a cake recipe and received an apple pie from their efforts.

You get the results you deserve. Avoid letting someone fool you into believing that wishful thinking will hand you a cake!

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The Great Law of Cause and Effect


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