How to lear your mind and practice mindfulness

How To Clear Your Mind and Practice MINDFULNESS

‘Mindfulness’ simply means paying attention to the present moment. Practising mindfulness can help you to cope with everyday life and deal with tough times.

Jay Shetty spoke about practicing meditation and also prayer and what mindfulness is

He also shared what using silence to hear between the lines means.

Mindfulness, really means intentionality, and what he meant by that is “Are you crafting, designing and intentionally creating your life or are you just coasting in the passenger seat of your life, which is just dragging you and driving you where ever it is taking you”

There is a difference in being in the driver seat or in the passenger seat, and living in intentionality is what allows you to live a life  “by design”

Jay spoke about the three “S” – Sights, Scents and Sound

We are exposed to sights, scents and sound every single day, but how many of us have crafted those to be sights, scents and sounds that we want in our life?

Reflecting on when he was a monk, he was asked, what was the first thing we saw when we woke up?

Right now, around 80% of people are looking at their phone screens first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

When you are seeing the screen first thing in the morning, what are you really seeing?

You are really seeing everyone else’s priorities, issues and challenges and you are seeing everyone else’s messages to you, which means you are already starting your day off reactively.

What if you start off your morning looking at a painting that inspired you or a picture of a loved one that have brought joy in your heart or your favourite quote.  

So imagine if you see something inspiring, how much would your day change….that is mindfulness. Mindfulness is being intentional and being mindful is about what you are exposing yourself to.

As monks, we wake up to sound of birds, the sound of water, gongs  or cymbals or chants which are all beautiful sounds.

The crazy thing is we all wake up to something called an alarm. 

Why would anyone want to wake up to an alarm….why would you want to wake up alarmed!
Why do you want to wake up in a jolt and in shock!

What if you wake up to the sound of a song which brings you joy.

Think about your day, when you come home from work…what sound would you want to hear and what sound would you like to hear at the end of the day.

When you “sound design” your life, that is called Mindfulness as that is intentional.

Scent is such a powerful sense that we are not even aware. 
How many of us smell our favourite food, can’t wait to eat it.  You can already taste it, just through scent.

Every time you walk into a massage spa, it’s the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood and these scents put you in zen without trying.

So mindfulness is intentionally creating a life that makes you feel what you want to feel without having to just create the feeling from inside. 

You may struggle just trying to focus, or to be positive and it is sights, scents and sounds that can help you do that and you start creating an environment where you naturally feel that.

Lewis Howe asked… How much of the world do we think we receive by being here or how much of the world do we create ourselves?

It is a complete dynamic dance between what would be – Fate and freewill

Fate is what that is already created for you and a good example will be  the place you were born, the type of family you grew up in, the social economic background you had.

It was already there when you walked into the world but within that you have choices where the freewill came about

That is where your freewill came about – you have the choice to either do what everyone in your neighbourhood did or to do something different.

You have the choice to have a relationship with a particular person or not so what happens is we are constantly creating new spaces from which we have another choice.

Finally, Jay Shetty shared his mentor’s advice to him… amazing analogy of walking through as many doors possible in your life and letting life close the doors that are not meant for us, and continue to walk through the doors that remain open: the paths that will continue to cherish our growth.

Jay Shetty’s book “Think Like A Monk” can be bought here

Think Like A Monk


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How to lear your mind and practice mindfulness

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