How To Find Balance In Your Life

How To Find Balance In Your Life

Balance Is Not Something You Find, It’s Something You Create

~Jana Kingsford~

You can attain a high level of success and enjoy all the aspects of your life that mean the most to you.

Can you find balance in your life?….Some say you can, while others say there is no such thing if you want to be highly successful.

It is true that many of the most high-profile successful people have anything but balanced lives. Many of them are miserable, too.

You can attain a high level of success and enjoy all the aspects of your life that mean the most to you.

Find balance with these strategies:

1. Cut Back On The Non-Essentials.
If you’re struggling to find balance in your life, a lack of time is the most common issue. Take a look at how you spend your time each week.
What are the activities you can do without? Acknowledge and accept that you cannot do everything all the time

2. Avoid Wasting Time.
There is no such thing as time management.  We can consider managing our activities as we all have the same 24 hours in one day.  Consider all the ways you genuinely waste time.  This might include watching television, surfing the internet, or window shopping.
The more time you can find in your life to apply to the things that matter, the more balanced you can make your life.

3. Set Your Priorities. Know what balance means to you.  Finding balance in our lives has never been more critical. What are the most important things in your life? If you know your priorities, you can put your time to the best possible use.

4. Focus On Your Health.
Schedule time for yourself.  If you don’t take time and steps to preserve your health and well-being, then who will?
Giving your health a high level of priority can help to balance everything else. If your health is important, you’ll find the time and energy to eat properly and to exercise.

Be intentional in resting, in playing, in growing. Take at least 10 minutes a day to read, to walk or to rest. Scheduling time for yourself is a must if you want the best of yourself ready to tackle your busy schedule.

Placing importance on your health can help prevent the rest of your life from getting out of control.

5. Plan Your Time.
Have a plan for your week and each day and determine which are the less important tasks that can wait.
Remove these from your weekly “to-do” list and feel the sense of being overwhelmed lessen automatically.

Know how you’re going to spend your day before the day arrives. That way, you can make the most of your time. The more you can accomplish with your time, the more your life can be in balance.

6. Focus On The Most Important Tasks.
There are a lot of things you could work on each day, but there are only a few that will make a big difference.

These tasks usually aren’t the most fun, but they’ll save you the most time. You can’t major in the minor things if you want to be successful and have a balanced life.

6. Review Consistently.
Life is dynamic, so even if you’re able to create a balanced life, it won’t stay that way forever. Keep your finger on the pulse of your life. Look for ways to improve. Notice when things are starting to get out of control again.

7. Have Reasonable Expectations.
There’s only so much you can do. If you’re trying to create a multi-billion-dollar company and train for marathons, you’re not going to have much family time. On the other hand, if you want to spend every minute with your children and spouse, other areas of your life may suffer.

You may want your family and friends to have the best of you! It takes deliberate effort on your part to make that happen.
Make it a priority to schedule the time and place for yourself to bring what gives you comfort, health, joy or whatever you need most.

A balanced life is sometimes hard to master. When you are a young adult with a family, it’s hard to find time for everything.
When you’re older and your children have moved out, it can be a challenge to find meaning in your life.
Life is always a challenge to balance properly.

You must decide for yourself what it means to have a balanced life and what works for you.

For me, having spent most of my work life away from home, chasing my dream and climbing the corporate ladder.  It made me realised that life is more than having promotions but missing out on family gatherings and special events.

This cause me to do some deep soul searching on what really matter most. On returning home from my overseas assignments, I decided to take a break and did some soul searching on my purpose and where my next path would take me.

I knew the digital economy is the new way to earn an income while working from home.  I realised that we are now living in the digital economy,  so I decided to invest in myself by learning a new skill.

Learning a new skill requires determination and  commitment and I can tell you now that is the best investment I have made.

Now I can work in the comfort of my own home and I do not have to wake up to an alarm clock, get dressed and commute through the horrendous traffic to and from work. It is so flexible on my time!

I need to tell you that I did face challenges while learning a new skill. I questioned myself if I could do this, but with determination, I soldiered on and quashed my doubts on starting my own online business.

What I found that was where the biggest growth happens. 

There are thousands of Affiliate Marketing programs out there on the internet and you need to do your research to see which path you want to follow. 

I chose a digital education company who have been teaching people how to start their own online business from scratch and they have been doing this for over a decade.

They are focused and dedicated to help you on your journey but the success of your business does depend on you, your mindset and dedication.

What I uncovered is a whole new life, right in front of us, we could not see it.

I started an online business from scratch with no experience, scary…YES – rewarding (worth it)..100%.

You must decide for yourself what it means to have a balanced life and what works for you.

You need to figure out your why! and don’t let life pass you by. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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