Listen to Silence

Listen To Silence. It Has So Much To Say

Have you ever experienced the power of silence?

Have you ever noticed the tranquility in the air after the passing of a storm?

Have you ever felt the embrace of the vast atmosphere, leaving you alone with your thoughts?

We keep on engaging ourselves in useless talks. Engaging ourselves in so many unnecessary things that we hardly think of getting some time for ourselves away from all those noises….

Have you ever experienced the power of silence? You are very fortunate if you have.

The relationship we have with silence varies depending on time and place but generally it can be defined as complete stillness.

While It is true that words help us to identify, connect and interpret the world we live in, silence can be just as eloquent and communicative.

Words can be twisted and manipulated but Silence, on the other hand, will remain a more consistent companion, always inviting us to leave the banality of hectic existence so that we can escape into the tavern of our minds.

Find a quiet spot, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the peace and quiet that silence begins to offer.

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Listen to Silence

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