The Video To Watch -How To Find Your True Purpose n Life

The Video To Watch ~ How To Find Your True Purpose In Life

“The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day.” ~ Tony Robbins

What Is Your Life Purpose?

TOP 5 Best Advice Speeches compilation on To Find Your True Purpose In Life.
Below is a transcript of the speeches from:

00:00 – Jay Shetty
03:00 – Brendon Burchard
08:22 – Tom Bilyeu
12:27 – Robert Quinn
20:10 – David Rutherford

Jay Shetty – The World Needs You To Be You
Jay speaks about family and society pressure. It’s incredible what happens in societies that were clouded by the noise the noise of family expectations. I grew up in a family where you could either be a doctor a lawyer or a failure.
People say you can’t change your career at 30 that’s when you’re meant to be settling down.

Basically I felt I’m standing up here in front of you all as a failure as I lived as a monk for three years. I committed career suicide when I turned down two amazing corporate job offers when I graduated from business school.  I shaved my hair I wore robes and lived out the gym locker for three years.  I did that because I thought I was going to do something meaningful helping back the world and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

There was so much different noise that I was hearing when I made that decision, and the funny thing is now I’m in one of the most incredible periods of my life that I can ever imagine, and so much of that is based on the fact that I decided to do something different.  Many of the times,  we focus so much on life in what we want to be as opposed to who we want to be because we’ve always been told that life and jobs and careers are like boxes and containers there’s only a finite number of options.  

Brendan Burchard – Earn Your Blessing
I got mortality motivation when I was 19 that’s a blessing most people don’t get that till they’re 60.  The one thing that I took away from that entire thing was that moment and those questions, because I remembered them and I thought about them as I was healing.  I was not happy and I realised it was because of how I’d been living my life and I wasn’t living to my questions.  I knew I got those questions – Did I live?…Did I love?… Did I matter?

As soon as I got those  questions I evaluated myself with.  At the end of the life, it gave me the power of what my late mentor Wayne Dyer taught on the power of intention,  that breath you just took, and what a blessing  it is that you’ve got that breath, that means you still got something inside you,  you’re still here for a reason and now you just got to earn that blessing.

Tom Bilyeu – Find Your Purpose
My parents biggest frustration was that I was epically lazy and if they handed out gold medals for being lazy, I would have won.  I assure you hands down because even though I was a slightly chubby kid, growing up in a morbidly obese family in Tacoma Washington, I always knew two things about myself, one day I will be rich and I will have six-pack abs.

When I left for college, my own mother who’d always been my biggest cheerleader, quietly assumed I was going to fail.

One day, two successful entrepreneurs and bodybuilders walked into a class when I was a teacher and offered me a copywriter job for their technology startup.
I was just young enough and dumb enough, and I went all-in. They literally put me in the room with all the computer servers.  Starting from there I knew I could wow people, because I was willing to grind it out, and we all have a superpower and my superpower may be the willingness and ability to endure suffering.  I had suffered a lot I hadn’t taken a day off in like six and a half years because I was so hell-bent to get rich.

Eight and a half years in, I had finally had enough as I had hit my breaking point from suffering.  I got so mad and I was so unwilling to do it anymore,  and I turned to my partners and I say I’m completely miserable and I quit.

I realised the reason I was living the cliche of money can’t buy happiness. Along the way had become so myopically focused on this promise I had made my to myself as a kid that I never stopped to ask why do I want to get rich.

The questions you ask yourself will determine the course of your life.

I had been asking myself what do I need to do to get rich and it left me really unhappy, so I changed the question and I started asking what would I do and love every day, even if I were failing.

Life is too short,  so what are we gonna do we are going to build a company that’s predicated on value we are going to build a company that’s predicated on passion.

Robert Quinn – Find Your Purpose
If you have a Purpose Driven Life it adds years to your life you live longer.  Robert shared two stories here. One of a school teacher where on her second year of teaching, had enough of the behaviour of a student and lost it.

Finally, she went to the principal’s office and said this is it,  it’s him or me and the principal took the kid out. She felt terrible, and went to her colleagues and poured my heart out. They said to her that you are not the key to every door.  She burst into tears. and then she looked up and said she hated that those words, so she decided to become the key to every door, instead of pushing disruptive kids away, she began to seek them out I began bringing them into my world.  It’s a story of transformative learning when you have a higher purpose, you will find the energy and the courage to go outside your comfort zone.

David Rutherford – Finding Your Purpose

David shared an incredible story of how an officer, instead of saving his own life, and all he had to do is jump down that stairwell right next to him to save his own life but he didn’t, he turned and jumped on the grenade sacrificing himself so his two brothers could both go home and hug their wives and their children.

As a United States Navy SEAL team we’ve been pushing the envelope we’ve been setting the bar we’ve been setting the standard for what the team life is, and how you should live. Are you really committed to yourself physically because we all know when the going gets tough, the more in shape and focus you are.

What I’ve learned in this incredible journey are a few undeniable truths about what enables us to succeed. Truth number one is you got fear in your heart always and you can’t defeat it.

The second truth is self-confidence. It is huge and it’s important, and you have to forge it every single day.

The third one is you have to live with purpose. If  you don’t have purpose in your life, you don’t have momentum. You don’t have anything driving you forward.  Anything pulling you out of bed every single day.

The one I learned that has left an indelible mark not only in my heart but in my soul, on those beaches across the street. The street over there, where nobody does it alone . There’s not a single person have done it on their own.

We’ve been giving everything we are to our communities, to our families and children, but more importantly we’re willing to give everything we are and potentially everything we will ever be for the man that’s next to it.

This is the team life this is what my mission here is today is to help you understand this standard, to help you redefine your understanding of what that mission might look like for you.

Are you working on it right now?  Did you work on it today or are you going to  work on it tonight because those three things will put you on the road commitment.  What I care about is there’s something that gets you out of bed every morning, there’s something that you have faith in that’s bigger than yourself.   There’s something that you’re willing to sacrifice for another human being…that’s powerful.

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The Video To Watch -How To Find Your True Purpose n Life


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