Travelling Inspires Me To Experience More In Life

Travelling Inspires Me To Experience More In Life

We Travel Not To Escape Life But For Life Not To Escape Us


When the world feels small, I travel. I enjoy experiencing the enormous domain beyond my work and home. Sometimes, I escape to places far away. But I know that I can also drive down the road, or just beyond the city limits, to partake in the travellers experience.

The world is vast, and I am aware that I am familiar with only a small part of it.

Learning new cultures is an exciting and wonderful experience. I enjoy meeting new people and observing their different way of life, their architectural structures, their music and food  as these are fun areas of exploration. One of the most important traits a traveler can develop is open-mindedness.

Travel has inspired me to experience so much more in life.
The most precious gift travelling gives you is time. Time to be in your own thoughts and time to think and reflect.

Closer to home, I explore the great outdoors. I find hiking paths, lakes and many other areas to visit. I take in my surroundings enjoying both sights and sound. Leaving the stress of work behind is necessary because I want to keep my mind right here in the moment.

I love travelling with my friends too, as they enjoy the adventure as much as I do. We love to share both our experiences and discoveries.  Regardless of where I go, I find that I expand my world with each travel.

Today, I intend to create travel plans for this weekend. By using my resources, I can locate places and recreational areas that I have yet to visit.

Small escapes  like a walk in the park, taking a  train to a city an hour away or even looking back at all the memories I have created can give me a jolt of positivity in somewhat bleaker times.

Before making a life changing decision of starting my own online business, I could not travel as much as I would love to as I was stuck in the corporate world.

Now that I have set up my online business,  I know that I can go exploring, even just for a day to get my balance back. I have a life of privilege  where I have a financial freedom to make decisions about how I spend my time.

I am looking forward to my next great adventure in the months to come when restrictions are relaxed.

Self reflection questions:

  • What are your favourite recreational activities?
  • What benefits can you receive from experiencing other cultures?
  • Would you ever consider travelling alone?
  • What are the pros and cons for you?
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